Rugged testing

Measuring reality

More than 30 years of successful engineering told us that measuring under real conditions is not the best way to really evaluate and improve your product, it is the ONLY ONE.
Piedrafita specialises in acquiring data UNDER REAL CONDITIONS; every part of our service is focused on that.
Being on-board, your hardware must be rugged, stand alone capable, flexible, reliable and powerful. Data acquisition ought not be an issue while testing your vehicle.

Our deep engineering knowledge makes us know the background, the aim and the expected value of every data to be acquire. Thus we are able to focus on minimising the footprint, on making resulting files manageable, on verifying the quality of the acquired data during tests...
Ultimately, focus on taking as much profit as possible of every tests, every run, every lap.
Piedrafita is able to provide your company with a real comprehensive service. We will acquire every data coming out from your on-board systems like engine/transmision CAN messages, human interface values, geo-references, inertial platform references, linear/angular possitions, forces, structura stress, temperatures, flows, vibration, pressure, doppler effect values, electrical consumptions...
We can also integrate your actual acquisition hardware or signals into our open-architecture system.

Rugged means RUGGED

Piedrafita would like you to face your product against the hardest conditions while understanding what is happening. Extreme usage will provide you with the most powerful and useful data.

Our systems are rugged enough to deal with extreme temperatures (-46ºC to 125ºC), high vibration profiles like the ones present in high-mobility tracked vehicles, dust/sand/snow/mud (IP69K enclosures), steam/water... Piedrafita can also work on your actual hardware to be able to deal with these conditions.

Key features


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Some Piedrafita's testing services

Land platform Mobile Test Rig FULL Service

Piedrafita provides major defence integrator with a full service in product validation tests by acquiring more than 200 channels. Tests are done under real usage conditions. Low footprint, data availability and effective service are the most important points in this service.

Residual Stress. Hull analysis

Piedrafita's rugged testing department is able to analyse acquired data from stain gauges attached to the hull of a tracked vehicle during real tests. This data is completed by several tests to value residual structural stresses due, e.g., welding processes. All this data is processed, in house, to be used as an input in FEM.

Data acquisition in race trucks

Our racing heritage allows us to provide important truck OEMs and racing teams with data acquisition and post-processing services during championships. Thus, we are providing this services in the framework of the European Truck Racing Championship and the Dakar Rally.

CAN Leaf Spring

Priedrafita provides an important leaf spring manufacturer with extensometry acquisition for prototypes. Installing the system and making it rugged enough to be mounted in a truck for real tests. The compact design and our on-board approach resulted on a CAN leaf spring, just one connector with a high level signal is coming out of the leaf spring unit under test.

Fatigue analisys over tracked vehicle running gear

Piedrafita is supporting Defence Prime Contractors in projects where determining fatigue on the running gear is a key factor. Acquiring data in real conditions together with an expert data post-process make possible to foreseen potential fatigue problems during vehicle's service life.

Dakar Rally. Measuring anywhere.